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Write to express and not only to impress

The 'Be You...' series is an interactive workshop experience that creates safe spaces for self-expression. It uses writing as a medium to enhance personal and professional development.

Why write to express?

Many of us don't feel safe enough to express ourselves without the fear of judgement or the desire to appease the people we are with - which leaves us feeling disconnected and distracted.

This in turn could lead to:

(i) feelings of dissatisfaction;

(ii) restlessness that makes us reactive;

(iii) struggles with completing tasks and making decisions

What if… we each had access to safe, non-alienating spaces – both, physical and virtual – that allowed us to express ourselves?


The 'Be You...' Workshop Series

The 'Be You...' workshop series comprises of four unique formats.

Each format is designed to meet specific needs of individuals and organizations.

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Be You For You

- writing to express –


Be A Better You For You

- writing to nurture mental wellness –

Be You

- writing to experiment –


Getting It Write

- writing to enhance written communication –


"I never knew I could write SO MUCH in a single sitting. Thanks for getting me to have this realisation. I enjoyed getting to know myself better"

Texas Instruments

"I liked the clarity, simplicity and the neutrality towards all participants. I hope that this becomes part of primary and high school education"

Abraham Thomas

"I loved the overall flow of the workshop. It wasn't heavy and there was space to practice. My takeaway is the art of narrating a story while keeping in mind the interest of different stakeholders"

Avijit Chakravorty
United Way Mumbai

"Be A Better You For You has helped make visible the pattern in my jumbled thoughts. I thought this workshop would be too intense for my comfort but I feel better equipped instead"

Dr. Medhinee K.

About me

What do you think is common between:
the 15-year-old who began maintaining a journal and never looked back,
the 22-year-old who finally got tired of being constantly ridiculed for being ‘thin’,
the 24-year-old who wrote about travelling solo in India before it became a trendy hashtag and a bucket-list-item,
the 26-year-old who quit her illusion of control - A.K.A. a full-time job - to see what's on 'the other side', and
the 28-year-old who began nudging people to write their stories?


The redemptive power of words and stories in my life.


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