Be A Better You For You

-  a 6-month online writing program on self-expression & personal narratives -

Paper Plane

“The stars we are given. The constellations we make. That is to say, stars exist in the cosmos,

but constellations are the imaginary lines we draw between them,

the readings we give the sky, the stories we tell.”

-- Rebecca Solnit

Be A Better You For You is an online program on using freestyle forms of writing to explore and enhance one's self-expression.


The program is:

  • guided yet self-paced;

  • available in a 3-week/12-week/6-month format;

  • allows you to partake irrespective of where in the world you are right now; and

  • NOT a substitute for professional mental health services - though it can complement it.


Who is it for?

Whether you're:

  • absolutely new to writing & want to overcome inhibitions of letting your thoughts out,

  • are curious to pick a new skill, or

  • would like to enhance your self-awareness by understanding your thought-patterns and reconnecting with yourself in a kinder way,

this program is now available in three different formats: Super Basic, Basic, and Integrated - and offers something for everyone​

Module 1

Introduction to self-expression using freestyle writing


  • 4 sub-modules

  • 2 learning circles

  • 2 interactive sessions

Module 2

Deconstructing the stories we tell ourselves


  • 4 sub-modules

  • 2 learning circles

  • 1 interactive session

Module 3

Reconstructing stories anew


  • 3 sub-modules

  • 2 learning circles

  • one 1:1 session

  • 1 interactive session




What is the format and mode of delivery?

The program is available in 3 formats:

Super Basic (3-week • part of Module 1):

Designed along the lines of the Be You workshop, this format is for the 'curious beginner' who is short on time.

Basic (12-week • all of Module 1):

Designed along the lines of the flagship Be You For You workshop, this format is for the 'avid explorer' keen on learning self-expression as a skill.

Integrated (6-month • all three Modules):

Designed along the lines of the Be A Better You For You program, this format is for the 'patient expeditioner' committed towards nurturing mental wellness.

"Elita’s six-month expressive writing course was like going bird-watching for the first time and being awed and amazed at how much I’ve been missing the tailor-birds for the trees.


It was a journey in mapping out the extensive landscapes of what makes me, ME. Self-awareness was redefined with this course.


This program’s brilliantly thought out, one-of-a-kind lesson plans were a real treat to receive every fortnight. Each module built on itself and was laid out in such a fantastic, thoughtful and accessible way.

I could take things at my own pace, with ample time to “aha!” at every epiphany.


What I loved about this program was how it brought to light the different lenses of my perspectives. Especially, as the program emphasizes, about the stories I tell myself.

In a world increasingly split on one-sided narratives, Elita’s Be You... program is the antidote we all need!"

— Pritika M (April - September 2020)

Pari Panai Farm's Chronicler


What's in it for you?

Piloted in April 2020 as 'Be You For You 3.0', this online program is a part of the 'Be You...' workshop series which have since 2016 been designed to meet the need of creating safe spaces for self-expression and self-development by empowering participants with tools to:

  • find ease with expressing themselves - irrespective of language, spellings, grammar, or sentence construction;

  • break down the barriers to written and spoken communication;

  • understand thought-patterns and its influence on their health, work, interpersonal relationships;

  • nurture a healthier relationship with themselves by beginning to overcome shame.

Registrations for Cohort-II are now open.

The program is scheduled to begin on 31st October 2020.

​​Format specific inclusions and program dates as applicable are mentioned below.

The program is delivered fortnightly through a combination of text and audio based components delivered via email as well as webinar-like live learning circles.


All correspondence is via email only.

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"This program will not miraculously turn you into a better version of yourself. It will help you discover a genuine version of yourself.  


What to/not to expect:

  1. It is unlike other programs/ workshops you have attended.

  2. It is not a strictly regimented course. There are no submissions. It is not time-consuming. It is free-flowing.

  3. What you write is for your eyes only. 

  4. Elita (the facilitator) is super chill.

  5. You might make new friends. 

  6. The program is broken down into modules but not like school-syllabus you needed to complete.  

  7. You will learn things about yourself that you had no idea about (This is irrespective of your age).

  8. You will end up having tools for life which will help you deal with feelings, relationships etc.

  9. This program does not need you to be a writer or to even be good with words. All it needs is your willingness to put your thoughts on paper (again, for your eyes only).

  10. This is the best investment you will make in yourself."

— Priyanka (April - September 2020)

Trying to discover my authentic, unapologetic self

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