'Be You...'

- the freestyle writing workshop series -

“I don't know what I think until I write it down.”  ― Joan Didion

The goal of 'Be You...' workshop series is to simplify the art of expression.

So, whether you would like to:

  • overcome inhibitions of letting your thoughts out... or

  • have some space to understand your thought-patterns and reconnect with yourself in a kinder way... or

  • improve how you organize and express your ideas when approaching a blank page to write a report that is due...

there are four types of workshops to choose from that cater to both, individuals as well as organizations.


It is with these scenarios in mind that...

The 'Be You...' workshop series has been designed to meet the need of creating safe spaces for self-expression and self-development by empowering participants with tools to:

  1. find ease with expressing oneself - irrespective of language, spellings, grammar, or sentence construction;

  2. break down the barriers to written and spoken communication;

  3. understand thought-patterns and its influence on ourselves and our health, work, interpersonal relationships;

  4. nurture a healthier relationship with ourselves by beginning to overcome shame


4 workshop formats to choose from

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I. Be You For You

- writing to express –

This session is an introduction to writing for oneself with carefree abandon. These interactive workshops support with thinking out aloud on paper and connecting back with oneself.

The aim of such workshops is to introduce participants to:

  • explore a free-flow style of writing

  • an introduction on how our self-talk impacts our esteem and motivation

  • expressive-writing as a precursor to enhancing creative-writing


  • 3 topics and 4 interactive tools

  • resources for further exploration

​​​Duration: minimum 4 hours

II. Be A Better You For You

- writing to nurture mental wellness –

Currently available in an online format, this program includes components of the 'Be You For You' workshop to examine ‘the stories we tell ourselves’. It's further designed to help participants overcome limiting beliefs by understanding patterns in thoughts and behaviours.

The aim of such multi-day workshops is to:

  • understand the impact of self-talk on self and interpersonal relationships

  • deconstruct distorted thinking patterns and create a growth-mindset

  • nurture mental wellness through self-awareness and mindfulness


  • Online: 3 modules and 21 interactive sessions, Live discussions, Resources for further exploration

  • Offline: 6 topics and interactive tools, 1 book-reading, 2 Optional individual sessions, Resources for further exploration

Duration: Online - 6 month program; Offline - minimum 20 hours

III. Be You

- writing to experiment –

This is a 'lite' version of the Be You For You workshops. It is 'an introduction to the introduction on self-expression through writing'.

These condensed sessions are specifically designed for organizations and offer pressed-for-time working professionals a sneak preview on self-expression.

The aim of such a session is to briefly introduce participants to:

  • free-flow styles of writing

  • the role of self-talk on our everyday interactions

  • demonstrate how expressive-writing can be a precursor to business communication and/or creative expression

Includes: up to 3 interactive tools

Duration: 90 - 120 minutes

IV. Getting it Write

- writing to enhance professional effectiveness –

These custom-designed sessions are aimed to meet the business communications needs of enterprises (big and small, for and not-for-profit). Written communication – maintaining minutes, drafting reports or official documents, presentations and even emails – is indispensable to the overall growth of any enterprise; whether in-person or remote. Often, it is not the lack of technical knowledge and expertise but the resistance towards putting pen to paper that poses a challenge for working professionals.

The aim of such workshops is to help professionals:

  • break down the barriers to written communication

  • simplify the process of converting ideas to tangible outputs

  • integrate self-expression with the goals of communication and documentation

Includes: Session plan is prepared in consultation with the organization and is based on needs identified

Duration: minimum 4-6 hours


I'm leaving this workshop with a confidence that I can put together a story within a format or structure quite easily without letting the fear of being 'unable to articulate' or 'being a bad writer' intimidate me

Indhu Kotiyan
United Way Mumbai


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