About Me

- "writing is my life-force" -
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I have been blogging/writing to express myself on topics like:

  • overcoming ridicule linked with my skinny-ness,

  • biases and blind-spots revealed and subsequently overcome because of travel,

  • patiently overcoming my mental health challenges, and

  • making well-being the means and the end,

for almost a decade now!


I'm often asked: 'What does Nomadic Thunker' mean?

I often end up disappointing those who do. Here's why:

The year was 2012.

I was sitting down to create my second account on Blogger. I hadn't thought of a name for the URL yet. I was staring at The Blank in www. <blank>.blogspot.com.


The blog was meant to be a place for my musings. It was meant to be the place where my thoughts could run amok, outside my head. Intuitively I typed the word 'nomadic'. I found it was the best way to describe the nature of my thoughts. Since I was planning on writing about my thoughts and 'nomadic thinker' had a very pseudo-intellectual, wannabe vibe to it, I picked the word 'thunker' instead!


"Nomadic Thunker"

​Thunker. Adjectivised from thunk; a word that had crossed my mind while staring at The Blank because I remembered a joke about the person who went to give an English test where they had to write the past tense of 'think' and so they thought and thought before finally writing the answer: thunk.

Yes, I thought of 'thunk' while thinking of the URL too!

It's been 8+ years since this website was born as just-another-blog. But 'Nomadic Thunker' has given me an identity that's not limited to the digital world.

My thoughts remain nomadic.

While 'writing' remains as the medium through which I access them.

The button below would be a good-enough starting point to know more about my personal experiences!


'We are our stories'

What do Pink Elephants and self-talk have in common?


Watch as I demonstrate through the PechaKucha format the powerful way in which our self-talk dominates our lives and the ways in which the simple tools of pen-'n-paper can help us redeem ourselves